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Rescue Stories

Black/rough, bitch, born in 1993. She came with a note attached saying that she was afraid of men, I don't know what she thought my husband is but she positively adored him !! She put her paws round his neck and pressed herself against him within a couple of days. She always reminded me on a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel with her tail wagging horizontally and her rather tubby body with large, floppy black ears.

One day we had a call from our Rescue Organiser. She said that a Puppy farm (Puppy Mill) owner had recently died and some of his dogs had ended up in R.S.P.C.A. kennels, including two Griffons, but nobody would want these dogs as the weren't house-trained or socialised in any way. We did and within a couple of days they came to live with us Jim (a very pale, almost cream coloured/rough, born 15.10.1986, Rescued 1996). He was not a good-looking Griffon and he was their chief stud dog! No-one had ever given him a name to my knowledge, or stroked. Jim loved to be hand fed and wagged his tail furiously when you sat and told him how handsome and lovely he his, but as soon as you tried to touch him he'd run away. The only time he voluntarily came to me was when there was thunder or fireworks, he was afraid of both of these and would come and ask me to hold him until he felt safe again. I'd sit and love him with tears rolling down my face wishing that I could have helped him a long, long time ago. Jim lived with us until he passed away at about 15 years old.

Meg and Katie

Meg Red/Smooth, bitch 11 yrs and Katie Red/Rough, bitch, 9 yrs. These two had the same parents but are from different litters. They were originally owned by a lady who adored them and showed them, one was at Crufts. After her death I think they were barely tolerated by the family and tormented by the grandchildren, they sought refuge in a cupboard. As a consequence they had become very reclusive and were inclined to fight with each other if any attention was given to the other. As they don't have any teeth this was not a big problem! When we first had them we smothered them with affection until they realised that it wasn't rationed and didn't depend on any action or non-action from them and it was rewarding to see them get better.

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